Get Familiar With the MS Word Interface (Lesson 1.2)

To work efficiently with Microsoft Word, we have to know where all the tools are located and how to software is structured. Watch the video to  get familiar with the Word interface.

Video instructions

In this video you will learn about the structure of the Microsoft Word program. When you are in the editing mode of a Word document you will see a window that looks like this. In the top we have the so-called quick access toolbar with buttons that are almost always visible.

Beneath it we have the ribbon and the ribbon consists of multiple tabs. Right now, we are in the “Home” tab. In each tab we have specific functions and these functions are arranged in sections. So, when we look at the “Font” section for example, there are the buttons for the most used functions regarding the font. Often you can see a little arrow in the bottom right corner of a section and when you click on that button a so-called dialog window will open and there you will have even more functions.

In the next part of the program we have the editing area, and this is where we will enter and edit texts, images and other objects.

Then, at the bottom of the program we have the status bar. In the status bar you will see information like the page and word count, but there you can also change the document view and the zoom.

Now you know how the Word program is structured. In the following videos we will start with entering and editing text.