How to Remove Comments in Word

Sometimes it can be unclear how to remove comments in Word. The reason for that is, that they can’t be deleted with the backspace key. Watch the video to learn how to properly remove or hide them.

Note: Under the video, you will find a written step-by-step solution

Video instructions

In this video you are going to learn how to remove comments in Word and you are also going to learn how to keep the comments but only hide them.

If you want to remove only a single comment, click on the comment you want to delete, go to the “Review” tab and in the section “Comments” click on delete. If you have multiple comments and you want to remove all comments at once, click on the dropdown arrow under the delete button. And then click on “Delete all comments in Document”.

If you don’t want to delete the comments but rather hide them, then go to the section called “Tracking” and in the dropdown menu choose “Original”. 

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Text instructions

How to Delete Comments in Word:

  1. Click on the comment you want to delete
  2. Under Review > Comments, click on Delete

Tip: To delete all comments at once, click on the drop-down arrow located under the Delete button and select Delete All Comments in Document

How to Hide Comments in Word:

  1. Under Review > Tracking, open the Markup drop-down
  2. Select Original