How to Select Text in Word (Lesson 1.6)

To be able to work fast in Word we must know how to select text in Word. It is not only possible to select text with the mouse but also with the keyboard.

Video instructions

In this video you will learn how to navigate through the text and how to highlight text. You will need this, to efficiently edit your document later. So, let’s look at the navigation first. 

Navigating Through the Text

Of course you can use your mouse to navigate through the document. But with a bit of training it will be easier to navigate with the keyboard, since you will not have to switch between the mouse and the keyboard the whole time. So, when the blinking cursor is at the start of first line for example, you can use the arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor by one character horizontally or by one line vertically. Now, when you hold down the “CTRL” key and THEN hit the arrows, then you can move the cursor horizontally by 1 word or vertically by 1 paragraph. The last keys that we want to look at, are the “Home” key and the “End” key. When pressing the “End” key, the cursor will be moved to the end of the current line. When pressing the “Home” key, the cursor will be moved to the start of the current line. Now that you now how to navigate through the text, let’s see how we can highlight it. 

Select Text

When you want to highlight text you can again use the mouse for that by holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the text. You can also double click on a word to highlight only this word and if you tripple click on a word, the whole paragraph will be highlighted. When you move the mouse into the left margin, so that the mouse cursor changes to an arrow, you can click and highlight the specific line, where the mouse cursor is located. But again, it can be very useful to use the keyboard for the highlighting. Highlighting the text with the keyboard is the same as navigating through the text, but simultaneously holding the “Shift” key. So, if you want to highlight one line for example, click at the start of the line, hold down the “Shift” key and then press the “End” button.