How to Copy, Cut and Paste in Word (Lesson 1.7)

When editing text documents there are often text snippets that can be reused. To be able to reuse them, we need to know how to copy, cut and paste in Word. Watch the video to learn exactly that.

Note: Under the video, you will find a written step-by-step solution

Video instructions

In this video you will learn how to copy and cut specific areas of a text and how to paste copied text. 


Let’s say that we want to copy the first sentence of our text. To do that we have to highlight the sentence, then we need to go to the “Clipboard” section in the “Home” tab and there we need to click on the button called “Copy”. Alternatively, we can also press “CTRL + C”. 


To now paste the text at the end of our document, we simply need to click at the position where we want to paste the text and click on the button “Paste”. The keyboard shortcut for pasting is “CTRL + V”. After pasting the text, you will notice that there is a little box for the pasting options. These options can also be found, when we click on the dropdown arrow underneath the “Paste” button. And with these options we can basically choose if we want to keep the original formatting of the copied text or if we want the copied text be formatted the same way as the text that is surrounding it. For now, you don’t need the other options but feel free to test them. Another function I want to show you is the cut function. 


With the cut function we can remove stuff but at the same time we can copy it. So, let’s highlight the next sentence. Then we click on cut or press “CTRL + X” and of course we can also paste this text again when clicking on the paste button.

Text instructions

How to Copy Text in Word:

  1. Select the text that you want to copy
  2. Under Home > Clipboard, click on Copy

Tip: With the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C (Mac: CMD + C) you can copy text even faster.

How to Paste Text in Word:

  1. Click at the position where you want to paste the copied text
  2. Under Home > Clipboard, click on Paste

Tip: With the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V (Mac: CMD + V) you can paste text even faster.

Note: When pasting content, a little box will appear at the end of the pasted content. When you click on this box the pasting options will open. There you can choose whether you want to insert the copied text together with the source formatting or if you want to paste it without the source formatting.

How to Cut Text in Word:

  1. Select the text that you want to cut
  2. Under Home > Clipboard, click on Cut