Introduction Into Font Formatting in Word (Lesson 2.1)

In this introduction into font formatting in Word we will check out what we are going to learn in the next lessons and which Word-tools we are going to use.

Video instructions

In this chapter of the course you will learn all about font formatting. We are going to look at the very basics like changing the font, but we are also going to look at advanced topics like text shadowing or setting an outline color for a text.

The functions that we will use in the following videos are all accessible through the “Font” section in the “Home” tab. Since this section only gives us a limited set of functions for the font formatting, we are also going to use advanced functions which can be accessed through the font dialog window.

To open the font dialog, we simply need to click on the little arrow in the bottom right corner of the font section.

Note, that this chapter covers a lot of basics for beginners and therefore the pace of the videos is a bit slower. If it is too slow for you, you can always change the speed of the videos in the settings of the media player.

So, go ahead now and start learning all about font formatting.