How to Underline, Strikethrough, Subscript and more in Word (Lesson 2.3)

When editing a Word document the basic text effects can hugely improve your design. So, learn how to underline, strikethrough, subscript and more in Word.

Video instructions

In this video you will learn how to add effects to your text in Word. We are going to look at underlining, superscripting and subscripting, case changing and more.

So, let’s start with the very basic text effects. First, we highlight the text that we want to change. And now we will just go through some effects and try them out.

We can, for example, underline our text by clicking on the “U” button. When we click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the “U” button, we can also change the style of the underline and the color of the underline.

Another text effect is the strike through. When clicking on the corresponding button, the highlighted text will be crossed by a solid line.

Then we have the subscript and the superscript which are very important when it comes to academic work. With these functions we can set a text as an exponent or as an index.

And another basic but super helpful function collection is the “Change Case” collection, which we can access through this button. When we click it, we will get offered functions with which we can change the highlighted text to an “ALL UPPERCASE” or “all lowercase” text immediately. We will also be able to capitalize every word and more.

Now you know a bit more about the basic text effects in Word. Watch the other videos to learn more about font formatting.